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10 Ways to Keep Christ in Your Christmas Decorations

I thought I’d share some ideas I’ve found around the web to focus on the reason for the season.

1. Cushions with a message

I love these, especially the last two. It’s worth thinking of creating something in Canva to make your own, or having a hunt on eBay or etsy.

2. Honouring Mary

The feast of the Immaculate Conception is on the 8th and you’ll find a how to for this lantern if you look up the feast under the Christmastide and Advent tag in the menu bar….

but there are other, simpler ways too…

3. Advent wreaths


Also in the advent tag is one of my first ever crafts, a how to for an advent wreath…

Here are some others though that are more simple to produce in your home…

4. Focusing on the Holy Family

Talking of advent wreaths here’s how you can use the Holy Family as a focus and some other suggestions…

Love the ones in lanterns….

5. A Father Christmas Who Worships

You’ll find the how to for this storm lantern with other Saint Nicholas Feast day posts under the tags Christmastide, Advent, Saint Nicholas’ Feast along with other ideas to celebrate his feast.

But there are also some commercially produced ones…

6. You can say it with a sign

Some of these are so thought provoking…

They inspired me to make this when I first started the La Sacre Coeur blog (I’ll repost it here on the blog soon, so subscribe if you want to see how to do it yourself)…

7. Making the ornaments on the tree count

I make a point of buying a Christ centred ornament each year as the culture seems to focus more and more away from the true message….

8. A nativity themed wreath

I actually made one this year, but it didn’t turn out quite as I would have liked. I’m going to redo it for this Christmas, to coincide with my decorations going up around the 20th December. So look out for a post coming soon on that. In the meantime, here is my inspiration…

9. An heirloom nativity

I have one and it’s so beautiful, but I have a second child friendly one too…

10. Light it up

Typography again. You can make these easily with waterslide decals; look here for a simple how to. Alternatively why not buy from someone like Design by Michela…

Follow me on social media – I’ll be sure to follow back as I want to hear how your advent journey is going. In the meantime…

God bless!

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