Children's Prayer Book · The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Magnificat – A Prayer For The Immaculate Conception

The feast of the Immaculate Conception is on the 8th December, but I’m publishing this early so that if you want your children to say this prayer as a novena leading towards the feast you have this as an option.

This is part of the series of prayers that link in with specific feasts, but that you can also find in the children’s prayer book project (the link for that is on the menu above).

The Magnificat seems such an appropriate prayer for this feast as her fiat to the angel was enabled by her sinless state. Can you imagine responding with such grace to what was, in societal terms, a humiliating and dangerous situation? She could not have done it without God’s grace, and in doing so she mirrored the sacrifice of Jesus in the feminine form.

Drawing the significance of this out to your children as they say the prayer will not only give them due reverence for Mary, but understand that the crosses we all carry are different in nature, but nevertheless must all be carried. They can be too, with the grace of God.

If you want to pray a novena you will need to start on 29th November and end it on the 7th December. This will therefore overlap with the feast of Saint Nicholas on 6th December. You’ll find his prayer under Christmastide, Advent, The Feast of Saint Nicholas along with other posts leading up to this date. Alternatively I’m also placing the prayers alone under the Children’s Prayer Book tag in the menu above.

As usual there’s a picture for the children to colour and decorate so they can make this uniquely their own.

You can download it here..

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God bless!

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