Children’s Christmas Stories; The Donkey and the Cross (Free Printout)

I hope you’re enjoying this feast of Saint Nicholas and the second Sunday of Advent. My children and I are up early this morning as they were excited for the feast. They found chocolate coins in their boots and we talked about how Saint Nicholas gave money to the poor and who he was, then read a Christmas story. In my post on 20 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas I spoke about nativity based Christmas stories. Well, here is the first one of the series.

Feel free to download here…

and share. There is a colouring in section so that your little ones can personalise the story.

There are stories for the shepherds, innkeeper and wise men to come. So hit the subscribe button or follow on social media to make sure you’re alerted to when they’re out. As always I love to read your comments in the box below or on social media. Let me know how your advent period is going and share with us any tips you have to encourage your family in holiness. In the meantime…

God bless!

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