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How To; Chocolate and Port Christmas Cake (Free Recipe Card)

I’m hoping to start a family recipe book that focuses on the Church’s feasts. This is one that I wanted to share at the start of Advent; it’s not a traditional Christmas cake as the fruit isn’t soaked in brandy, but port and there is chocolate added to it. But it’s wonderful.

It’s especially wonderful if, like me, you’re not a fan of marzipan. You can see the one above covered in chocolate buttercream. I always add a layer of this prior to icing the cake with fondant. However this year we didn’t have time for the traditional icing.

Unlike most Christmas cakes you don’t have to bake it long in advance, we baked this and ate it the next day. However you can follow the normal traditions as well.

Next advent I’ll share how I make figures of the Holy Family from icing. In the meantime if you want to download the recipe on this card here it is below.

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