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Exodus; 1 – Journeying from Eve to Mary in our relationship with food and God

Have you tried to lose weight as a Catholic and struggled? Or should I rephrase that - have you, a Catholic, tried to lose weight and struggled? Because perhaps your struggling is a direct result of doing so whilst separating your faith from your battle?

Craft Basics How Tos

A Do and Don’t List For Waterslide Decals

Waterslide decals are an easy craft project, but there is a nack to them and also you have to be careful of how you use them.    I shared with you my first water slide project on my La Sacre Coeur blog, these storage jars, with this image... They look pretty on the jars don’t… Continue reading A Do and Don’t List For Waterslide Decals

Advent · Ordinary Time

10 Things To Consider To Help You Make a Good Confession

This post is being written as one of a series leading up to advent and Christmas itself; for those who want to join me on a spiritual journey preparing for the liturgical coming of Christ. However towards the end I do talk about how to progress in holiness by taking full advantage of this under… Continue reading 10 Things To Consider To Help You Make a Good Confession


10 Ways of Charitable Giving For Advent

I've suggested these types of charities based on their association to the Nativity story; it will help focus the families minds on why we celebrate along with the others outlined in the 20 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas post. 1 Charities that help the persecuted Christians are the most persecuted faith in the world… Continue reading 10 Ways of Charitable Giving For Advent

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

A Vignette of The Immaculate Conception and It’s Symbolism

Living here in France it's a joy to have so many Catholic feasts as national holidays, as a result I'm so much more aware of the liturgical year. So it's become a desire of mine to start to note these feasts. One of the ways I've started to do this is through little vignettes dedicated to them. They can be a reminder to those with knowledge who've fallen away. Or indeed a sign of hope that someone is publicly exposing them. Most importantly though you can teach your family through the symbols you use.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Truth Of The Immaculate Conception Reflects The Truth Of Jesus

Catholics often refer to Mary as the New Eve. Eve was the one to take the fruit, disobeying God. Yet Adam, who was meant to protect and was stood with her at the time, took the same fruit and ate also. Adam didn't protect and failed in his duty of leadership. However Mary, the New Eve, is protected from sin by the New Adam, her Son Jesus.