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20 Ways To Keep Christ in Christmas

I know that Christmas can leave one with the sense of an opportunity missed as if the Divine has escaped me. It can be as if I am a colleague of the Wise Men. I’ve spent my time staring at and studying the stars, but when the most significant astrological event in history occurs and I'm distracted. By focusing on the Christ Child it reorders your soul towards accepting the peace that the season heralds and the justice to our fellow man that it demands.

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10 Ways To Observe Lent With Young Children

1. Fast, But Not On Sundays I really struggled with deciding whether my kiddos (9 and 6) should fast for Lent, aren't they too young? However I remembered that I'd read that during Lent you're actually meant to relax your fast on Sundays, to celebrate the "Little Easters" that they are. Here in France there… Continue reading 10 Ways To Observe Lent With Young Children