The Feast of Saint Nicholas

How To Storm Jar And Wreath For The Feast Of Saint Nicholas (Free Download)

The feast of Saint Nicholas is fast approaching and I wanted to share something to put out on it’s eve as your family prepares for his feast the next day. When I finished it last year I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the results; I love the images of Father Christmas worshipping the infant Jesus, so this was my starting point.


Christmas Tree Blessing; Free Printout

Did you know you can bless your Christmas tree? I didn't; and I can't wait to take advantage of the knowledge this year. Just a few notes on the tree itself... One of the earliest stories relating to the Christmas tree is that of the eighth-century Catholic missionary, Saint Boniface. He cut down an oak… Continue reading Christmas Tree Blessing; Free Printout

Advent · Christmastide

10 Ways to Keep Christ in Your Christmas Decorations

Advent hasn’t started yet, but every mother likes to be prepared for Christmas. Those of you who follow the blog know that I like to celebrate the liturgical year, crafting decor to celebrate the great feasts of the Church (by the way, if you don’t already I’d love it if you subscribed). Some of you may not be great crafters or even have the time to craft though, so I thought I’d share some ideas I’ve found around the web to focus on the reason for the season.