The Feast of Saint Nicholas

How To Storm Jar And Wreath For The Feast Of Saint Nicholas (Free Download)

The feast of Saint Nicholas is fast approaching and I wanted to share something to put out on it’s eve as your family prepares for his feast the next day. When I finished it last year I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the results; I love the images of Father Christmas worshipping the infant Jesus, so this was my starting point.

Children's Prayer Book · The Feast of Saint Nicholas

Children’s Prayer to Saint Nicholas (Free Printout)

This prayer focuses on Saint Nicholas’s witness to Truth and his mission to save souls, as well as his charity and care for children. There’s an image for little ones to colour in their own individual prayer book. My children will be colouring in the picture as I get dinner ready on the eve of Saint Nicholas’ feast, then they can read the prayer as grace or before bed.

Advent · The Feast of Saint Nicholas

How Do You Deal With Santa Clause As A Christian?

A story was in the news a few years ago; a mother wrote to Sports Direct to complain. Her husband and their ten year old son where in the shop when she complained an assistant informed her son that Father Christmas was dead, and had been buried in Turkey where his bones had been found. She… Continue reading How Do You Deal With Santa Clause As A Christian?