10 Ways of Charitable Giving For Advent

I've suggested these types of charities based on their association to the Nativity story; it will help focus the families minds on why we celebrate along with the others outlined in the 20 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas post. 1 Charities that help the persecuted Christians are the most persecuted faith in the world… Continue reading 10 Ways of Charitable Giving For Advent

Children's Prayer Book · The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Magnificat – A Prayer For The Immaculate Conception

The feast of the Immaculate Conception is on the 8th December, but I'm publishing this early so that if you want your children to say this prayer as a novena leading towards the feast you have this as an option. This is part of the series of prayers that link in with specific feasts, but… Continue reading The Magnificat – A Prayer For The Immaculate Conception


10 Christmas Movies To Watch With The Family During Advent

The conversation between the wise professor and the older Pevensie children, Peter and Susan, is a gold mine for discussion points. As they describe their sister’s insistence on the magical world in the wardrobe he asks them if she is normally the truthful one. Of course their response is yes, and he points to her character being an indicator that what she is saying is therefore likely to be true. No matter how fantastical.

Children's Prayer Book · The Feast of Saint Nicholas

Children’s Prayer to Saint Nicholas (Free Printout)

This prayer focuses on Saint Nicholas’s witness to Truth and his mission to save souls, as well as his charity and care for children. There’s an image for little ones to colour in their own individual prayer book. My children will be colouring in the picture as I get dinner ready on the eve of Saint Nicholas’ feast, then they can read the prayer as grace or before bed.

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20 Ways To Keep Christ in Christmas

I know that Christmas can leave one with the sense of an opportunity missed as if the Divine has escaped me. It can be as if I am a colleague of the Wise Men. I’ve spent my time staring at and studying the stars, but when the most significant astrological event in history occurs and I'm distracted. By focusing on the Christ Child it reorders your soul towards accepting the peace that the season heralds and the justice to our fellow man that it demands.

Advent · The Feast of Saint Nicholas

How Do You Deal With Santa Clause As A Christian?

A story was in the news a few years ago; a mother wrote to Sports Direct to complain. Her husband and their ten year old son where in the shop when she complained an assistant informed her son that Father Christmas was dead, and had been buried in Turkey where his bones had been found. She… Continue reading How Do You Deal With Santa Clause As A Christian?


Why and How to Fast in the Little Lent of Advent

A few years ago my agnostic husband and I decided to fast before Christmas. The year before we'd been struck by how much Christmas did not seem like Christmas anymore, you know? When we were young it was exciting to have your favourite foods. but now we control the purse and society is so much richer (this was before the big financial crash) apart from uniquely festive food we didn't just have everything, we indulged regularly. So we decided to go without throughout Advent. Then when we feasted it felt so much more special!

Children's Prayer Book

Help Your Little Ones Create Their Own Prayer Book

I'm aware the society my mother grew up in was radically different from the one I grew up in and the rate of change seems to be increasing more and more rapidly. I'm sure that the way she taught me was how the faith was handed down to her, but it was already not enough for me in my youth. I have to do something drastically different to encourage my children to remain faithful!